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Life is a team sport.

Every team needs a coach, life is no different - our coaches will help you build the best version of yourself!


Each of our coaches has a unique approach to self-development, yet one thing they have in common is a commitment to personal responsibility, consistency, and the importance of daily habits. 

If you want to share your story, connect with one of our coaches, or are ready to take the next step and dive in, scroll down to book a session.


We can't wait to work with you! 

Stephen Mater

Stephen Mater

Performance Coach, ACC

Stephen is obsessed with what is possible and his passion in life is to help others discover and unlock their true potential!

Laura Curridor

Laura Curridor

Transformational Coach & Mindset Mentor, ACC; MA Comm; BA Psych - Phil - Comm (Hons); PGC Marketing

I have been empowering people like you to acknowledge, confront, and navigate through life transitions by tapping into and building resilience as you become the author of your own goals, dreams, and realities!

Focus: Loss/grief, anger/emotional management, self-awareness & growth patterns, relational trauma.

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