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Laura Curridor, ACC

What if I told you, you don't have to walk away from it all to make it happen? 

What if I told you, you are your own biggest road block? 

What if I told you that you have the power to change your life by changing the story you tell yourself? 

What if I told you, you have to put yourself first, to be the best version of yourself, before the people around you can fully benefit from your presence? 

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Appearances Can Be Deceiving. 

On paper, I had everything I had aspired to have. I had completed multiple degrees, travelled extensively, achieved financial freedom, pursued many passions, overcame health concerns, and started multiple businesses. 

Why was it that during these times, I found myself in some of the darkest corners of my life. 


I did everything from play victim, throwing myself elaborate pity parties, to finding excuses, to secretly letting myself sit in the thick muddy darkness.


The Reality of It. ​

I wasn't a victim of circumstance, I wasn't a victim at all, and what I was experiencing wasn't uncommon.

I was trapped - jailed -  by own thoughts. For someone who considered themselves extremely self-aware, this came as a shock, but also became one of my greatest, albeit challenging, lessons. 

What's My Point? 


When I understood, and learned how harness, the power of my thoughts and of the story I was telling myself, my entire life changed. 

I may have been moving forward, but my thoughts, and subsequent actions, kept me captive in dark, unforgiving places, and in reality, the most important parts of myself remained stagnant. 

Over a decade of accepting support. 

Over a decade of self-work. 

Over a decade of confronting my inner-most thought patterns. 

Over a decade of learning different methods and modalities to learn 

how to narrate my story and direct my thoughts in ways that would best serve my purpose! 

It's taken many steps forwards, and back, to finally find a path to purpose, continuous forward momentum, and as a result, happiness - and now this is something I can't wait to share with you! 


A framework for success

Irrespective of what you're going through, where you're at, or what you're facing, the answers and path forward are not only within reach, they are within you! 

When we work together, you will have: 

A safe space to let it all out! 

Crystal clear clarity on issues that are holding you back. 

Support setting clear goals!

A tailored action-plan and support system to ensure to reach and surpass your goals!

Nothing changes if nothing changes and that can be daunting - but that's where I come in! You are NOT alone and together you can do this! 

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